Beauty Pie has launched a new moisturizer – and the reviews are glowing as much as your skin will

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

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Pie Beauty is a hot topic of conversation for many beauty enthusiasts, and even more so when a new launch hits shelves online.

The beauty membership company creates a slew of skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and home fragrance products. You’ll find lotions and potions from the best labs in the world to rival the big name brands, but with affordable member price tags.

Japanfusion and Plantastic are among the site’s bestsellers, but now is the time to make room in your closet for a new love – the Youthbomb Organic Collagen Peptide Cream.

And while it’s anything like its predecessor, the award-winning Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate Serum, it has our seal of approval.

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

It goes without saying that we encourage everyone to love themselves inside and out, but sometimes a little TLC in the form of a DIY session is just the remedy.

The new Youthbomb Organic Collagen Peptide Cream was created in partnership with dermatologist Dr. Andre Markey, and has been described as the “first-class upgrade” in moisturizers suitable for all ages, all skin needs, and almost all skin types .

This concentrated serum is supercharged with the beauty professional’s powerful C18 complex, which includes 18 peptides and active ingredients, as well as Dr. Markey’s “master molecule”, niacinamide, which is designed to reduce large pores, fine lines and pigmentation.

The combination of ingredients boosts skin’s elasticity and firmness, while hydrating the epidermis (the outermost layer or skin), leaving your pretty face plumper, brighter, nourished and radiant – it’s exactly what our skin craves. season.

But the magic of this marvelous essential treatment does not stop there, because the Cream with organic collagen peptides aims to reduce the appearance of sun damage and protect the skin’s barrier against environmental aggressors, which contribute to breakouts, dark spots, fine lines and dullness.

The formula is free from harmful substances, such as sulfates, parabens, fragrances, hydroquinone, phthalates, mineral oil, etc.

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

(Photo: Beauty Pie)

Speaking of the coveted creation, Dr Markey said: “When it comes to smooth, healthy, plumped and fabulous looking skin, collagen is key. So if Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate was the “secret sauce”, Biologic Collagen Peptide+ Cream is what I call my “benefit moisturizer”.

Youthbomb Cream is cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types, and although Beauty Pie has advised people with oily or acne-prone skin to avoid using this product, some customers with this skin type are satisfied with the results.

It’s super easy to use, as all you have to do is apply it evenly to your face, neck and décolletage, after cleansing, every night for 60 days to see the transformation, although some customers said they noticed a positive difference in their skin. texture and complexion in four weeks.

For those looking to really up the ante, Beauty Pie recommended using the Youthbomb Organic Collagen Peptide Cream alongside Super Retinol Serum and Vitamin C for a mega glow.

Although it is a new version of Beauty Pie, it has already garnered five stars from buyers.

One happy shopper exclaimed, “I bought this cream as soon as it came out and I love it! It’s my favorite now. Great consistency and it does what it says. My skin is superb! Let’s say I’m 51 and got hit on by a young bartender who thought I was 35. (Come on girl!)

While another shared: “I love this cream, it is rich, luxurious, perfect for winter. You can see the difference after applying, my skin is healthy and glowing.

Whether you’re a seasoned beauty enthusiast wanting to try the latest launch, looking for a versatile moisturizer to target your skin concerns, or need a helping hand navigating the overwhelming mix of concoctions on the market, this may be the simple solution you were looking for.

Don’t worry about the £175 price tag, because those with a Beauty Pie Membership can get their hands on Organic Peptide Collagen Cream for £44.

If you’re not a member, don’t worry, as Beauty Pie is offering new customers a 30-day free trial, which expires on December 31, so you can still buy the new version and save over £130.

You can thank us later.

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