Carragher ‘surprised’ by FSG announcement but Neville says ‘selling Liverpool makes sense’

Jamie Carragher was ‘surprised’ by Fenway Sports Group’s (FSG) announcement that he would ‘consider’ a new investment in Liverpool, but Gary Neville thinks a ‘sale makes sense’.

Athletic reported on Monday that FSG are “requesting offers” for potential new owners of the Reds, although the Boston-based company later said it was “fully committed” to the club.

The developments have come as a shock to the Liverpool great Carragher, although he understands why FSG might be willing to listen to offers.

“I’m surprised,” Carragher said on the latest episode of Sky Sports’ The Overlap. “How strong he is in terms of selling it outright or trying to bring money to the club, I’m not sure.

“I just thought with so many American owners coming into the league, I thought there was a power play in some ways where they could see something in the future given what we’ve seen in American sports. , so I figured the owners would be here for a while.

“Maybe they woke up on Monday morning and read how much Manchester City had won commercially and thought, ‘You can’t stop it, can you?!'”

FSG have come under increasing pressure in recent years, despite Liverpool’s achievements since Jurgen Klopp’s appointment in 2015, when they won the Champions League and the club’s first league title in 30 years.

John W. Henry, FSG’s principal owner, has been heavily criticized for his role in the club’s bid to join the failed European Super League, while some have blamed the unwillingness to invest in the playing squad for their poor start to the season.

But Carragher believes FSG’s tenure has been a success, adding: “I think FSG have done a great job at the club, and I don’t think they’ve ever claimed to have the funds from Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City. .

“It was the owners who brought the title back, the owners who brought Jurgen Klopp back, the stadium was transformed, the training ground was transformed. They were almost a role model for clubs like Arsenal.

“Will the club ever be as valued as it is right now? With Klopp as manager and the team having been so successful in recent years? Maybe there is something thing in there.”

Neville thinks now may be the time for FSG to sell, explaining: “I think selling Liverpool makes sense.

“FSG don’t have the money to compete with the other top teams in the league, they’ve already developed the stadium, they’ve got Jurgen Klopp, and now it’s a question of how long he’s going to be there for Two or three years?

“They certainly can’t compete financially with some of the other clubs in the league, so I don’t think it’s such a big surprise when you look at some of the evidence.”

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