“For a coach, it’s the Holy Grail! »

After the demonstration of his men against Maccabi Haifa, Tuesday evening in the Champions League (7-2), Christophe Galtier, the PSG coach, said all the good things he named his workforce, and in particular the Messi trio -Neymar-Mbappe.

The MNM and your team offered a superb demonstration against Maccabi Haifa (7-2). Do you find it superior to that successful in Lille (7-1, August 21 in L1)?
In Lille, we were in another system (in 3-4-3) and we quickly opened the score. There, it was a C1 match, with a lot of stakes and pressure. They are totally different games. My players had had a lot of fun, but I think this time they had even more in a great match, where the objective was first to qualify, which is chosen done. In the last game, there will be a lot at stake for all the teams, for the first place for us and it will take a great performance in Turin, against Juventus.

Your three stars feasted in front. How do you analyze it?
On a fantastic football played, there was a lot of connection between the lines, and in particular between the midfielder and our three attackers who were fabulous. There was a very strong connection between them. When everyone plays for the team, it sends back a very good image. We had to find a system and complementarities so that they could express themselves more freely. Their technical quality and their relationship in small spaces, as well as the fact of defending more in density, allow us to have more rapid transitions. When one of the three leaves with the ball, it plays fair, for each other, and it is of course very pleasant to see obviously.

To the point of taking personal pleasure yourself?
I’m not annoyed, but I still note that we lacked requirements at the start of the second period when we revived Maccabi a little. A coach takes very little pleasure because you have a lot of things to manage, such as the sequence of matches, you have to watch out for injuries and keep cool. But it’s very nice to train them, especially the front three. Have them every day in training, with yesterday’s session (Monday) morning, which was of an exceptional level, and in addition to seeing them express themselves like that, for a coach, it is the Holy Grail…”

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