I could make better VAR decisions from home

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte continued his tirade against VAR on Friday by insisting he was reducing the emotion of the match and joked that he could make better decisions from home.

Spurs were left furious in Wednesday’s Champions League game with Sporting Lisbon when Harry Kane was denied a stoppage-time winner after being ruled slightly ahead on the ball and therefore offside.

Conte blasted Tech and accused it of being dishonest against his side after the draw with Sporting meant Tottenham still need a point away from Marseille on Tuesday to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Champions League.

He remained unhappy as he spoke at a press conference ahead of Saturday’s trip to Bournemouth and said: “What happened in the last game was unbelievable, unbelievable.

“You score, you’re already through to the next round, you celebrate and you have to stay for five minutes to review the situation with VAR and you make the decision and you don’t know if it’s right or wrong.

“It’s not football that way too because you cut off the emotion, the emotion of everyone and especially the players because you don’t know.

“You score a goal and you don’t know what happens later. Did someone foul a minute before? Or discover a fault a minute before and then they will ban it? This happened. It happened, but it only happened when they wanted it to happen. That’s the difference.

Harry Kane (third from right) appeals to referee Danny Makkelie

Harry Kane (third right) appealed to referee Danny Makkelie when his goal was ruled out after a VAR check (Steven Paston/PA)

“But when I stay at home and see the picture, I watch another game and I see the picture, the VAR, so for me it’s easy to make the best decision.

“Instead, you see for example that they make the opposite decision. Oh, I don’t know football or maybe who stays in VAR, they see another picture.

The Italian reiterated in his mind that it’s ‘impossible’ for VAR to make mistakes given the extra time and footage the official can see.

He was more positive about his time at Tottenham ahead of his appointment anniversary next week.

Conte added: “I am enjoying my time at Tottenham. I think in a year we have come a long way with the club, the players and the supporters. I am enjoying every moment of my adventure at Tottenham.

“For sure, I discovered a modern club, a club with a fantastic training ground, an incredible stadium, the passion of our supporters and at the same time also the demands of our supporters. Because with our fans the demand is very strong! Yeah, I continue to take advantage of every day to stay here, to work here for this club.

Bryan Gil made another strong impression from the bench in midweek but is yet to feature in the Premier League this season.

The Spain international has been compared to Bernardo Silva by his manager, who has used the forward on three occasions as a substitute in the Champions League.

“Bryan Gil is a player who I’ve always told you is a very good prospect but he’s not that strong physically,” Conte said.

“I believe in him, otherwise I won’t risk playing him in the Champions League. But I try to find the right moments when he can be useful for the situation we are facing at that moment.

Bryan Gil (left) in action against Sporting Lisbon

Bryan Gil (left) was in action against Sporting Lisbon this week (Steven Paston/PA)

“I’m sure of Gil’s future because we’re talking about a player who sees football. When I ask him something in training, he quickly understands and also his desire is to become an important player.

“If I have to compare him to someone, I can see him as Bernardo Silva at (Manchester) City in his structure. But, for me, at the moment Silva is physically stronger than him but we are talking about this type of player .

Spurs have been fined £20,000 by the Football Association after admitting they failed to ensure their players behaved in an orderly fashion during last weekend’s game with Newcastle.

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