Ian Hislop praised for calling hypocrite Gary Neville in Have I Got News For You

Ian Hislop is praised for his “bang on” comments to Gary Neville on do i have any news for you.

The latest episode of the satirical show aired on Friday November 4 and was hosted by the retired footballer.

When the topic of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar came up, Hislop didn’t hesitate.

When the former Manchester United pro, who commentates on the sporting competition, asks Hislop if “it’s coming home”, he replies: “What, your reputation?”

The decision to attend the competition in Qatar has been described as ‘unacceptable’ due to the country’s human rights record as well as controversy surrounding migrant workers who were injured in the run-up to the sporting event .

Many are boycotting the event due to the country’s stance on the LGBT community and calling out Fifa for its “defeatist silence” on the issue as the contest draws closer.

Hislop, showing his serious side, said: ‘The others have been very nice to you, Gary, but the elephant in the room is still there. You’re commenting there, aren’t you? »

When Neville replied in the affirmative, Hislop asked him what his “defense” was, to which he replied, “Well, you have a choice, I think, don’t you?”

Hislop fired back, “What, to go or not to go?”

Neville defended his decision to go to Qatar for work, saying: “My point of view has always been, either you highlight the problems and challenges in these countries and talk about them, or you don’t say anything and stay at home. , and don’t go. And I always said we should defy them.

Ian Hislop called Gary Neville on

Ian Hislop called out Gary Neville on ‘Have I Got News For You’ (BBC)

However, Hislop was not finished. He told Neville: “There is another option: you stay home and bring the abuse to light. You don’t have to go and take money from the Qataris… It’s just not a very good defense.

Hislop was praised by viewers of the show for highlighting Neville’s “hypocrisy”.

“I love Gary Neville but Ian Hislop and co on #HIGNFY pointing out his hypocrisy going to the World Cup is perfect,” wrote one viewer, adding, “These people just need to be honest and say they’re going for the money and stop pretending they care about human rights issues, no one is fooled.

Another said: “Kudos, Ian Hislop and co, for pointing out the hypocrisy of @GNev2 and others making money from the #QatarWorldCup2022 while claiming they don’t give a damn about human rights abuses man.”

Another viewer of the show said: “Bravo to Ian Hislop for calling Gary Neville in Qatar. I love Neville, but unless his commentary contains consistent criticism of Qatar and sheds light on its human rights abuses, he has no footing to stand on.

Journalist Jay Motty added: “Ian Hislop is perfect. It reeks of hypocrisy and Neville knows it.

Find more reactions to Hislop’s comments below.

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The FIFA World Cup takes place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

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