“I’m not about to let go”

At 24, and one after his crowning at the Paralympic Games, Lucas Mazur won a third world title this Sunday in Tokyo. What to sit a little more his authority in the discipline.

Tokyo remains the garden of Lucas Mazur. A year after being crowned Paralympic champion at Yoyogi Stadium, the 24-year-old Frenchman won a third world title on Sunday, after those of 2017 and 2019. Suffering from an ankle malformation following a stroke when he was a child, Lucas Mazur definitely dominated his SL4 category. It completes a good week for French para-badminton which will leave Japan with seven medals: five bronze, one silver obtained by the pair composed of Faustine Noël and Lénaïg Morin, beaten at the end of a final in three rounds against the Indonesians Oktila-Sadiyah (14-21, 21-16, 13-21) and a gold, therefore.

“How do you feel after this third title?
I am a happy man! I performed well, I’m so happy. It’s amazing ! Even if the final (against the Indonesian Fredy Setiawan, world No. 7) was a little crisp at times. To be honest, it was tight at first. There was the break at 11-11 and, behind, I tried to put everything in place to accelerate. It worked. I took off and won the first set 21-12. On the second, bis repetita, it is reduced on the start. I lead 11-5 just before the break, but maybe I slacked off a bit. He calls back at 2-2, 3-3. I give a boost and I win after the effort 21-17. I put everything I had left in my stomach. And it passes!

What does this new title represent?
It’s a big moment. I’ve been waiting for these Worlds for a long time! They had been postponed because of the Covid. However, I would have liked to put my title back into play quickly enough, to affirm that I was still the boss. Always being at the top level is a message that I am happy to send. It is a pride to chain three titles in a row. I still run the shop, and I’m not about to let go.

Two years away from the Paralympic Games, should this message be of great importance to you?
Exactly. I wanted to post this image of a somewhat “untouchable” player. Because I still win all my singles matches in straight sets. Since March, I haven’t lost a single one. It is a strong message, a message of authority. I hope to continue on this crush to crush category.

Do you keep room for improvement?
Of course, I have to keep looking for improvement. There are lines of work that are emerging. I must seek to perform even more on a daily basis, in training, in Bordeaux. This is what I try to put in place by training with the able-bodied to push my limits, to be physically stronger, in cardio and weight training sessions. Because my body is aging, I have to push it further to be able, in this kind of event, to respond presently. Even if the rhythm increases, if the level increases. We will also continue to work on the strategic plan, there are a lot of flaws that we can plug on my side and exploit opposite.

How do you view the performance of the entire French team?
I am very proud and very satisfied to have led this team as far as possible. There have been a lot of medals, and it’s a chance, a reward for the hard work that is done on the athletes. We must continue to structure things, ensure that athletes can train twice a day, that’s how we will progress. »

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