Jon Stewart fiercely confronts Arizona attorney general over false voter fraud allegations

Jon Stewart, former Daily Show host (Getty Images)

Jon Stewart, former Daily Show host (Getty Images)

Ancient Daily show host Jon Stewart was trending on Twitter after an interview with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich this week that spurred many who called him an example of how investigators should dealing with claims about Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election.

Stewart sat down with Mr. Brnovich for an episode of his Apple TV show, The problem with Jon Stewart. In the clip posted to YouTube, Stewart repeatedly blasts the Republican for refusing to acknowledge the reality that former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and others have made clear: that Arizona, and the biggest election in 2020, were not “stolen” from Donald Trump.

The former Comedy Central star made his question clear, asking Mr. Brnovich if he had seen any evidence to suggest that Arizona’s 2020 presidential election results were fraudulent or that the state had somehow been “stolen” from Mr. Trump.

“Donald Trump lost Arizona, period,” Mr. Brnovich replied, dodging the question of whether the result was fair and legitimate.

“The fact is that the election in Arizona was well managed, not fraudulent and not stolen from Donald Trump, even according to your investigation,” continues the host. At one point he cuts in, “Why is it so hard to just say yes to this?”

Following further dodges on the question of the legitimacy of the election by Mr. Brnovich, Stewart begins to become exasperated.

“Why can’t you say the 2020 election wasn’t stolen or fraudulent?” Stewart presses more on his subject.

Laughing, he adds, “That blows my mind.”

The interview was well received by mainstream media critics who feel that reporters and cable news hosts are too receptive to allowing election deniers to spout outright lies and conspiracies about the election with minimal, if any, recoil.

“Yet another reminder that @jonstewart, a comedian, remains one of the best interviewers on American television, and a reminder to all my colleagues in the American media that it is possible to do tough and difficult interviews, even with evasive or evasive Republicans.. It’s necessary, actually,” wrote MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan, known for his own confrontational interview style that has been widely praised for his ability to spot slippery guests.

Donald Trump has continued to insist that the 2020 election was stolen and that he should – or even will – be reinstated as president before Joe Biden’s first term ends.

He frequently makes such claims at his various campaign-style rallies across the country as he prepares for what most analysts see as an inevitable 2024 race.

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