Klarna and Haus Labs discuss the next wave of beauty and dream with one eye open – WWD

Beyond a partnership that allows beauty consumers to shop with flexible payment methods, Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs and Klarna share a set of core values ​​that are deep and impactful. Kelly Coller, Marketing Director of Haus Labs, and Natalia Brzezinski, Head of Strategy at Klarna, USA, shared with the audience at the WWD Apparel and Retail CEO Summit that it was no coincidence that the two shared the scene, but rather the strategic culmination of two companies driven by investment for the economy of creators.

“Klarna is absolutely not just a supplier, in fact, quite the opposite,” Coller said. “We have a number of programs together that go deep and deep, including the creation of our Klarna content studio, which is on-site at our purpose-built headquarters to grow this creator economy. We use it all the time for our photo shoots, video shoots and product shots. »

Lady Gaga uses it too, she said, and it served as an element to invite the world to be part of a larger conversation. “Together, we are very invested in the economy of creators. We think it’s mission critical and we believe in community.

When Coller joined the Haus Labs team, it was to reinvent the business, to revolutionize clean beauty. As a futurist, Lady Gaga’s original vision for the brand was to create the “next generation of beauty, a supercharged artistic brand fueled by innovation.”

“It was our crystal white space that we developed together, supercharged because it was packed with proprietary patented skincare ingredients and supercharged because it was the first time a beauty brand could be art. clean,” Coller said. “Dirty art is delicious, and we love it, but to be clean art, something free of toxins and pollutants and, of course, vegan and cruelty-free, is next level and requires immense agility and agility. deep passion as well as diligence and focus.

Coller and Brzezinski agreed that although Haus Labs and Klarna are different sized organizations, both companies see digital capabilities, agility and innovation as integral to their brand. For Haus Labs, this means being open to any new idea, allowing everything to be open for discussion.

Brzezinski shared that the video has been exceptionally powerful for Klarna and Haus Labs, providing both entertainment and education. In addition to social media videos, Klarna’s app uses shoppable videos, which have been successful in taking social shopping to the next level and reaching different audiences.

“It’s about being absolutely authentic, you know, keeping an eye open but dreaming and being focused on what you’re ready to do,” Coller said. “I would say our mission is centered around our brand and who our customers are. And then, looking at the various social channels, we clearly know who that audience is – we’re focusing on older millennials – so it may come as a surprise because TikTok is wildly successful and it’s a huge driver of our viral products.

Above all, Coller and Brzezinski said, what brought Klarna and Haus Labs together in partnership and dramatically expanded the companies’ consumer base is the community-driven, values-driven content that goes to the beyond performance. Whether in video, through social media captions or campaign images, the focus remains on inclusion, transparency and connection.

“We want people to be seen and heard, and we’re here to disrupt the market, but not for the sake of disrupting, for the sake of kindness and bravery,” Coller said. “I’ve always hired my team and other people on two principles, which is to have a big heart and big ideas. I think if you could do those two things and you could be laser-focused, you have the potential to be unstoppable.

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