OLD Lindsey Graham called out laughing as Herschel Walker denies latest abortion claims

Senator Lindsey Graham is being criticized for supporting Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker amid new allegations that the Republican hopeful urged a second romantic partner to have an abortion. Both men support a proposed national abortion ban.

A woman on Wednesday accused Mr Walker, a former football star, of pressuring her to have an abortion in 1993 during an affair.

“I am not a coward but I am a realist”, the woman, who sought to keep her identity confidential, said at a press conference in Los Angeles. “And I choose to protect my identity to protect those I love. Herschel Walker is a hypocrite and he is not fit to be a US senator.

“We don’t need people in the US Senate who profess one thing and do another,” she added.

The woman’s attorney, renowned attorney Gloria Allred, claim cards, photos, receipts and a voicemail support the allegation.

On the same day, Mr Walker denied the allegation, as he did an allegation from a separate woman who said the US Senate candidate paid for her abortion in 2009.

“I’m done with this madness,” the Georgian candidate told reporters on Wednesday. “I’ve already told people it was a lie. I’m not going to entertain, keep lying, and I also want to let you know that I didn’t kill JFK either.

Mr Graham, who was in Peach State to support his fellow Republican, watched and laughed at the comment.

“I saw that movie,” the South Carolina senator said afterwards, referring to the sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“People here are not going to tolerate it. There’s going to be a backlash in Georgia. It’s coming from LA. It’s coming from a famous Democratic activist lawyer who went to the 2016 convention for Hillary Clinton, and people in Georgia aren’t that stupid.

The remarks drew angry reactions from critics online.

Liberal journalist Aaron Rupar called Mr Graham’s comments ‘like a clear illustration that you will see of Lindsey Graham representing nothing more than power’.

“Graham Threatens Jail For Women Who Have Abortions While PROMOTING Man Who Paid For Multiple Abortions,” Commenter wrote on Twitter. “Lindsey Graham shows us what Republican desire is [to] CRIMINALIZE and CONTROL WOMEN while rapists are free! »

The Independent contacted the senator’s office for comment.

Others online pointed to Mr Graham’s efforts to avoid testifying in an investigation in Georgia into whether Donald Trump and his allies improperly tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

“You can go to Georgia to campaign for a brain-dead, hypocritical candidate, but you can’t go to Georgia to testify? Twitter User Michael Frehley wrote.

Earlier this week, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily blocked Senator Graham from having to testify in Georgia, after the Republican asked the High Court to block a subpoena for his phone records.

Mr. Graham argued that he was immune from such questioning, a claim rejected by lower federal courts.

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