Over 600,000 travelers fell victim to Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact

The Shaggy Sumpter Beasts have proven to be the most dangerous beings in Genshin Impact since Sumeru was released in 3.0 in August.  (Photo: HoYover)

The Shaggy Sumpter Beasts have proven to be the most dangerous beings in Genshin Impact since Sumeru was released in 3.0 in August. (Photo: HoYover)

Do you know what the most dangerous creature in Sumeru is? It’s not the Fungi, the Rishboland Tigers, the Eremites or even the Ruin Drakes.

Instead, it’s the seemingly unassuming Shaggy Sumpter Beasts you should be wary of, as they’ve slaughtered over 600,000 travelers since the release of version 3.0 in August, according to the latest edition of Teyvat Times. Genshin Impactthe online newsletter of.

While the Shaggy Sumpter Beasts, along with their desert cousins, are docile by nature, these lovable furry beasts throw their sweet tempers out the window and will crush you like a charging bull when provoked!

Just ask the 632,994 Travelers that the latest edition of Teyvat Times listed as a victim of angry Shaggy Sumpter Beasts.

And considering how Sumpter Beasts can be used by enemies like Fatui, Eremites, and Treasure Hoarders, if you’re unprepared without a healer or shield on your team, you’re set for the stomping. of your life.

This high kill rate earns Shaggy Sumpter Beast the title of most dangerous creature in all of Sumeru!

Shaggy Sumpter Beast’s high kill count also surpasses the giant Ruin Machine in the desert.

Surely some brave Travelers tried to brave its laser attack, and we suspect they make up a significant portion of the 349,337 unlucky players who suffered its loss.\

Which creatures were killed the most?

On the other hand, the main archers found new targets in the red vultures of the hypostyle desert, giving Timmie’s pigeons their long-awaited respite.

The latest edition of Teyvat Times noted that a whopping average of 1,478,553 red vultures have met their untimely demise each day since the desert area was unlocked!

But what can you do? Travelers need their poultry supply to make Sweet Madames after all.

With all the extra game-producing creatures, Sumeru has also become a favored hunting ground for travelers who like to keep their resources stocked up.

Raw meat has become a bounty for players around the world, and Teyvat Times reveals that a traveler collected 43,239 pieces of meat in October!

And speaking of material collection, a very unbalanced Cyno Main dominated Scarab collection, totaling 461 collected Scarabs. in one day.

It’s safe to assume that a “CanIhaveScarabPls” user has a surplus of 300 Scarabs in their inventory as we speak…

We think the Scarab is the most annoying ascension material to farm in the entire game, so hats off to this guy.

Genshin Impact is currently in version 3.2, which will run until December 6th.

Genshin Impact versions 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 will have shortened runtimes of five weeks instead of the usual six weeks, likely to catch up with the game’s original release schedule after the release of version 2.7 was delayed in April.

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