PayPal introduces Gamban to stop problematic games

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In a recent update, payment services and transaction company PayPal released new software. PayPal unveiled new GamBan software to improve customer experience to avoid online gambling issues. While launching the new app, PayPal said that GamBan provides PayPal users with a user-friendly interface through which users can track and block online gambling sites.

Users who want to take advantage of this online application will get a secure online gaming experience. PayPal has introduced the app with market prices and affordable subscriptions so that users from different corners of the world can enjoy it easily. PayPal launched the application software for customers in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, the service extension will gradually be rolled out to other countries.

Gamban works by blocking online gambling sites. Once installed, GamBan will block online gambling platforms and casino sites from your devices. The main purpose of Gamban is to block gambling websites that involve any type of deposit or withdrawal transaction.

GamBan has solved many problems with online games by providing a secure interface on user devices. Many users with addictive investments in online games can now stop spending money. If you are worried about spending too much on online gambling, you should install GamBan and get a subscription that works best for you. PayPal has communicated that users can now have better control over spending on their online games of chance.

Importantly, the push for the customer safety campaign is the result of the backlash that PayPal has faced. In 2019, PayPal was criticized for not paying attention to the issue of online gambling and transitional issues. Addressing the issue, PayPal appears to be responding to criticism by forging new avenues for customer security through GamBan.

Considering the potential impact of the application, many users benefit from it. From a self-exclusion perspective, many users have found the application software helpful. This app will help you with debit card payments. Users can select the game themselves, where they can invest more time and money and block it. Moreover, GamBan users can also use this app for gaming experiences in the future. This will help customers eliminate casino websites, marketing, advertisements and URLs from all devices.

How can I get Gamban?

Initially, the app was aimed at Paypal customers in the UK and the US. However, it is now accessible in more places. Users need to download the app using their app store. Go to the device’s app store and download the app. GamBan has also introduced different types of subscriptions based on customer preferences and feasibility.

Gamban offers annual and monthly subscription plans. Once subscribed, you can use this user ID on all your devices. Users don’t have to buy different subscription plans to block gambling sites from all their devices.

How does GamBan work for PayPal users?

Gamban is Paypal’s software. It mainly works by filtering gambling platforms and websites that use betting strategies. The software works using AI (artificial intelligence). The software blocks users from accessing lottery links, betting browsers, online casinos, slot games, horse racing, giveaway links, free spins and other attractions of Game.

Once you install the app, it will block all player sites and online casino sites using keyword based search. The accessibility of the app is powerful as it also detects IP addresses of gambling sites.

The interface has also exploited the users with some substantial settings. You can select the websites you want to block. Moreover, you can also track your expenses using the online tool GamBan. Be it desktop computers, mobile devices or smart watches, GamBan can block all possible websites to make your digital space free.

The main objective of this software is to provide a secure user experience on all devices. Gamban operates by blocking all gambling-related servers and websites. The company aims to provide a gambling-free interface where customers can secure spending and control excessive regular investments in online slot machines.

PayPal has strict community guidelines and regulations to comply with the gambling laws of any country. Many service providers already offer GamBan services to drug addicts. Paypal has also taken the initiative to increase safe gaming areas for users. However, experts suggest that gambling addicts on the verge of losing everything due to their severe addiction require special care. It is a good strategy to help these players by blocking their access to gambling sites; moreover, in addition to reducing addictive habits, services like GamBan are an effective tool for tracking player finances and payouts in UK online slots.

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