Ryan Reynolds Reveals The Backstory Of How Hugh Jackman Landed In The MCU For ‘Deadpool 3’

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in a promo for their

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in a promo for their Dead Pool 3 casting announcement. (Twitter)

They have one of the most famous “feuds” in the industry, but truth be told, they love each other like brothers. Or at least, Ryan Reynolds genuinely feels the same way about Hugh Jackman.

“And as I get older, too, I find there’s such value in working with people I love and adore and trust and have known for a long time,” Reynolds told Yahoo. Entertainment in a new interview promoting their upcoming holiday comedy-musical Fiery. “And [with] most of the movies that I do these days, I either work with people that I’ve always wanted to work with, or I work with friends and family, really. And I consider Hugh more in the category of family than even friends.

So why Reynolds is so excited about Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine as the pair enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the very first time in 2024 Dead Pool 3 Something we learned in an amazing (and reliably fun) announcement end of September.

Reynolds let us in on the backstory of how Jackman, who supposedly hung up his clutches when his X-Man perished in James Mangold’s gritty and much-loved 2017 film Loganended up in the MCU with him.

“It was something I had been asking for or hoping to achieve from the first meeting I had with [Marvel chief] Kevin Feige after Disney bought Fox,” Reynolds says. “And it was not possible. That was years ago and it wasn’t possible then.

“And then out of the blue Hugh called and said he was interested in coming back and I just stabbed the boss one more time and said to Kevin, ‘He’s asking to come back…C ‘is something Hugh is interested in doing and pursuing.’ And for some reason, Kevin saw the wisdom in that and said, “Yeah,” and we’re off to the races. So for me, it’s a dream come true.

Reynolds is also thrilled that Shawn Levy, who helmed two of his most recent projects – 2021 free guy and this year’s Netflix release The Adam Project — will direct them in Dead Pool 3.

“Same with Shawn Levy,” Reynolds says of the “family” track. “It’s our third movie together now. So it’s a lot of fun.

In FieryReynolds will follow in The greatest showman shoes of the star Jackman, directing his first musical on the big screen. Not that he’s trying to follow Jackman.

“Not even remotely,” laughs Reynolds. “Singing and dancing are in this man’s DNA. It’s not in mine. But for me, it was super exciting to undertake something obscenely difficult and scary.

Fiery opens in theaters on November 11 and will stream worldwide on Apple+ from November 18.

Watch the trailer:

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