Scent Beauty Nabs Sparti Scents License – WWD

Scent Beauty has obtained a new license.

The fragrance company, founded by industry veteran Steve Mormoris, adds Sparti Scents to its growing portfolio of brands, which currently includes Dolly Parton, Cher, Whitney Houston and Stetson, among others. Terms of the license agreement were not disclosed.

Sparti Scents was incubated by ScentInvent Technologies, co-founded by Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas. The brand was developed around a proprietary solid fragrance stick that can be twisted and applied to the skin.

“We always want to look for culturally relevant brands first and foremost to really dominate the market,” Mormoris said. “Abby and Caroline are passionate founders with a great sense of product innovation and also a great sense of branding, and our priority is to bring a new form of fragrance to the world – a slippery, wearable fragrance. but which provides a concentrated live fragrance.”

Sparti’s prices range, depending on size, from $14.97 to $28, and they’re sold on the brand’s website, as well as at Walmart. Accessibility is essential, given the age of its main population. “The idea has always been to create a brand that speaks to Gen Z in a way that no one has really done before,” Wallach said. “It’s a new experience and a new way to celebrate perfume.”

While solid fragrances aren’t new, Fabrigas noted a few brand technology differentiators, such as concentration and skincare benefits.

“We have a 15% fragrance load here, so it acts like a good fragrance. But the result is a smooth, silky, velvety finish,” she said. “It’s not like a roller that can be a little greasy at times, it has a smooth finish with no extra spray or downtime. It also contains moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants.

The product is also alcohol-free and biodegradable, according to a statement.

The brand offers three different scents – Dance Sparti, Spring Sparti and Love Sparti – although Mormoris plans to implement the technology across Scent Beauty’s brand portfolio.

Mormoris’ game plan for the company begins with ramping up retail partnerships and adding more scents before implementing Sparti Scents’ technology across its brands. “Our idea is to take this product and adapt it for worldwide distribution,” he said. “We will be adding new appealing flavors for what I call the TikTok generation.”

Industry sources estimate that the brand’s 2023 sales volume will reach $20 million at retail, with the potential to double in 2024, pending international distribution.

ScentInvent Technologies previously signed a license agreement with WWP Beauty in 2020. The company confirmed that this agreement is no longer exclusive, although WWP Beauty is still a manufacturing partner.

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