Score and latest updates from the 2022 Autumn Internationals

Scotland v Fiji live: score and latest updates from Murrayfield - Andy Buchanan / AFP

Scotland v Fiji live: score and latest updates from Murrayfield – Andy Buchanan / AFP

1:43 p.m.

35 min – Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Scotland are clear, having apparently been stuck in their 22s for some time. Fiji are back with Mata halfway through. Botitu throws a high kick well taken over by Hogg. Rare carry for Graham who hasn’t found much space yet, before Price boxed. Murimurivalu is poached by Scotland and Van der Merwe has a run on the touchline, but is tackled by Tuisue in touch.

1:39 p.m.

33 min – Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Good scrum, Ravouvou comes back in the corner, but then Fiji follow up under the posts of Scotland! It’s a let go for Scotland, they’ll have a scrum and Hogg comes back to bring them down to 15 players.

1:38 p.m.

31 min – Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Lineout won by Fiji despite Gray’s best efforts, but the ball doesn’t go out, so Fiji have a five-yard scrum.

Good shot, Scotland still offside (!!) so Fiji opt for another scrum. Scotland had to make a change, Turner is hooker with Ewan Ashman arriving.

1:34 p.m.

29 min – Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Short stop but we resume with a scrum and Fiji win a penalty! Fagerson drives from the corner and it’s Scotland’s eighth penalty. Botitu kicks into the corner and he had to put it right on the corner flag. What can Fiji evoke here…

1:30 p.m.

27 min – Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Scotland need to take it now because their discipline has been terrible, and Fiji’s attack is starting to heat up. Botia with a growling roll on the wing, Mata with the side step and Habosi is in space! Fiji five yards out, Tuisue with a powerful run, now they go wide to try to take advantage of the extra man but Scotland cover well, before Gilchrist’s turnover stopped Fiji’s attack. Key defensive position for Scotland.

1:28 p.m.

TRY THE ROTUISOLIA! Scotland 7-12 Fiji

Habosi looks like a huge threat to Fiji, crashing after the lineout, and Fiji look threatening here with Botia closing in on the line! Penalty advantage is coming, but are they over? Yes! The clinical attack of the powerful carriers of Fiji and Rotuisolia, which was condemned after 80 seconds, has now scored from its debut!

It is also a yellow card for Stuart Hogg after several Scottish offences, and Botitu now on kicking rights converts! Fiji ahead!

1:25 p.m.

22 min – Scotland 7-5 Fiji

Mata’s good turnover for Fiji gets them out of trouble. Scotland come back with the ball, Turner gains ground… but we don’t come back for a penalty against Harris for a dangerous clearance. Botitu pushes Fiji into the Scottish half… but misses the contact! Kick off from the tee and out of control, a problem for Fiji early on.

A bit of kicking for territory on both sides. Hogg finds contact but Fiji go fast and have an offside penalty – their third against Scotland in 21 minutes, which is mediocre – and Fiji kick to touch.

Berry has a word with Ritchie, suggesting Scotland are not far from a yellow card.

1:22 p.m.

19 min – Scotland 7-5 Fiji

Good kicking pressure from Fiji on Graham but Scotland avoid being turned over and try to counter, Botitu then clearing to touch near halfway.

Van der Merwe wandering on his wing but he was completely melted by Botia, what a collision. Scotland are playing with an advantage and will now take that penalty after Fiji failed to roll. Scotland kick to touch inside Fiji’s 22.

1:17 p.m.

TRY TUICUVU! Scotland 7-5 Fiji

Scotland are offside again which will nullify Townsend, so Fiji will kick to touch down and win the Scottish 22 line-up. Fiji are also down to 15 players after Rotuisolia’s yellow card.

Moving the ball wide for the first time, Tuicuvu takes space on the outside and finishes brilliantly in the corner! Murimurivalu’s run and pass created that chance and Tuicuvu finished well under pressure from Hogg.

Tuicuvu’s conversion isn’t good and you feel that if Fiji are going to win it won’t be by the boot.

1:13 p.m.

9 min – Scotland 7-0 Fiji

First real attacking opportunity for Fiji since a line-up, even after Matavesi was knocked down, attacking in the Scottish half. Redpath swings wide offside, giving Fiji a penalty. Tuicuvu, the right winger, will shoot at the posts (helpfully chewing up more yellow card time too)… and that’s wide. Oh dear.

1:10 p.m.

TRY TURNING! Scotland 7-0 Fiji

The maul looks menacing again and Turner at the back is biding his time before diving. First try for Scotland after seven minutes and the field looked solid early on, with Fiji missing a lock because of that yellow card. Converted by Hastings.

1:08 p.m.

5 min – Scotland 0-0 Fiji

Graham can’t accept a wide pass and a knock-on gives Fiji a scrum on their own five-yard line. Solid scrum, Nayacalevu crashes before Murimurivalu fades to the touch.

Scotland try to shoot the maul and win a penalty, playing the advantage while moving the ball to the left. Harris tries a grubber that doesn’t come out, so it’s back to the penalty and Hastings shoots for a corner.

1:05 p.m.

2 min – Scotland 0-0 Fiji

Fiji fails to roll so Price takes a quick hit, but Fiji fails to roll back 10 yards and as a result receive a yellow card after 80 seconds for Rotuisolia on its debut! Hastings puts the penalty in the corner.

1:03 p.m.

To start up!

The anthems over, Jamie Ritchie blows a kiss to his family in the stands before Fiji perform the Cibi, led by Nayacalevu.

A reminder that George Turner came in at hooker for Dave Cherry, who has a hamstring injury, but otherwise the teams are as named.

Australia’s Nic Berry blows the whistle and we’re on our way to Murrayfield! Hastings keeps the depth, Fiji recovers the ball and after a few phases, Lomani box-kicks clears.

12:54 p.m.

both sides come out

We will have the two anthems but first Anne, the Princess Royal, is there to greet both teams, shaking hands with the Fijian players who then each kneel as a sign of respect. Levani Botia even sat down!


Finn Russell at Murrayfield!

Well, sort of.

Fans wait for the start of the Autumn Nations Series international rugby union match between Scotland and Fiji at Murrayfield - AFP

Fans wait for the start of the Autumn Nations Series international rugby union match between Scotland and Fiji at Murrayfield – AFP

12:45 p.m.

Familiar territory for Viliame Mata of Fiji

The Edinburgh backline recently made 100 appearances for the club and has been a huge hit in the Scottish capital since joining in 2016, when he was also part of Fiji’s gold medal-winning side in Rio at the Games Olympics. He should pose a lot of problems today for Scotland.


Gregor and Geech reunited

A nice long read from last week, Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend sat down with his own former coach and Telegraph Sport columnist Sir Ian McGeechan to discuss Finn, the jackal and more. Well worth your time.

Gregor Townsend: You have certainly influenced me over the years, because what you say about speed and space is part of our philosophy with Scotland. I think teams are now exploring that more, having perhaps previously relied on not having the ball to win rugby games.

I dug through the archives – here’s the manager and player from the time with Scotland in 2000.

Sir Ian McGeechan and Gregor Townsend during a training session in Scotland in 2000 - Getty Images

Sir Ian McGeechan and Gregor Townsend during a training session in Scotland in 2000 – Getty Images

12:22 p.m.

A Scot is on Gatland’s players to watch this fall

The British and Irish Lions head coach and Telegraph Sport columnist was full of praise for Scotland winger Darcy Graham earlier this week when picking his 12 players to watch this fall.

He is one of those players to watch because he has the ability to attack from anywhere.


Your two XVs

12:00 p.m.

welcome aboard

Afternoon everyone and welcome to the first of our many live blogs covering the Autumn Nations series, as Scotland take on Fiji at Murrayfield.

Late heartbreak for the Scots last week with Blair Kinghorn’s penalty miss as the Wallabies escaped with a one-point win, but this game will be a good chance for Gregor Townsend to get back on the winning streak. They’re also putting a much stronger squad now that this test is taking place in the international window and players from England and elsewhere (unless you’re Finn Russell) are eligible for selection. A revamped baseline with Stuart Hogg, vice-captain Chris Harris, 12-year-old Cam Redpath and open-half Adam Hastings looks a lot more menacing. Hastings has been in fine form at Gloucester while Harris’ defensive work, as anyone who saw Gloucester beat Exeter last week will know, is nothing short of superb.

As for Fiji, I was there in Cardiff last autumn when they gave Wales a torrid game for long stretches between the two teams in Cardiff and I feel like they could make a sweat a bit of Scotland today. Predictably, there are plenty of menacing players from the Fiji side, neither Waisea Nayacalevu at outside centre, while the field looks strong especially in the back row with a combination of the hard running of Albert Tuisue, line breaks and turnovers from Levani Botia plus Viliame Mata’s unloading and carrying game.

Townsend, speaking after naming his team, believes they are Scotland’s strongest selection against tricky opposition. “We believe it. You never know because there are very close players in different positions, but we think it’s as strong a team as possible,” he said.

All the action then comes at 1pm when we start, but stick around for the preparation.

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