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A breakdown of the beauty looks in SZA’s “Shirt” videoYoutube

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I first came across a never-before-seen snippet of SZA’s highly anticipated hit “Shirt” during a mid-pandemic TikTok scroll in 2020. Consisting of just 14 seconds in total, the clip was long enough to delight millions. fans – over 1.3 million to be exact – with its infectious beat, inspiring a whole dance challenge to match, led by 17-year-old dancer Brandon @bgottfanns. “At first I was just dropping songs because I was bored and quarantining and losing my mind and doing a lot of self-comparison, and I just had to drop the music,” she previously said

In 2021, SZA continued to tease the release of “Shirt” after its unofficial internet debut by adding an extended one-minute clip to the end of his “Good Days” music video, a musical overlay strategy the star has since become famous for. Now, two years later, the viral phrase I listened to on repeat in 2020 is ultimately in its final form (and in my Apple Music library) before the release of the singer’s second album, and backed by a Bonnie and Clyde-Visual esque, star actor LaKeith Stanfield.

Besides her creative visuals and star power, the unique makeup SZA wears in “Shirt” jumps off the screen and is as much a part of her storytelling as her dynamic plot and her wardrobe, primarily the blood-stained white tank top of the singer. For all the details on the artistic looks in “Shirt,” SZA’s makeup artist Naezrah shares her creative process and on-set product choices with us. Learn them all in advance.

How did the idea of ​​positioning bold looks as one of the main beauty axes of this video come about?

Honestly, it didn’t click for me that the eyes were so focused – I’m very honored. I just wanted SZA to feel comfortable in every makeup look and help her feel most like herself without me trying to take over her vision – makeup is ultimately just that, an extension of the self .

What was the inspiration behind some of the bright colors and graphic styles used on SZA’s eyes?

I wanted to give it options that illustrate that bright colors and graphics are things we should play with more. I mainly used products from Pat McGrath Labs, Danessa Myricks, Bolive Beaute, Glisten Cosmetics and Blend Bunny Cosmetics for each look. The execution process was very fast, because it is a music video, and there are many looks to be achieved. It took me about 10-30 minutes (depending on the makeup) to go from one look to another or finish one for a particular scene.

How does SZA’s makeup in the video fit with the theme/message behind “Shirt” and the star’s overall approach to beauty?

I think makeup looks are a way to help SZA express herself more creatively. [to the world]while being in a way a rebirth, a new era.

What was your favorite look to create for this video, and why?

My favorites are the opening and closing beauty looks for “Shirt”. Their painterly, angular designs are some of my favorite eye shapes. I actually sketched several variations of it before showing SZA the final piece, because I was afraid she wouldn’t like it. She ended up loving when I showed her and just wanted me to create freely. These particular looks mean a lot.

abstract yellow

video sza


blue lightning

video sza


purple on purple

video sza


Pop inside corner

video sza


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