St Louis school shooting suspect Orlando Harris had ‘intended targets’ and history of mental health issues

The St Louis school shooter who killed two people on Monday had intended targets, police say.

Orlando Harris, 19, a former student of Central VPA High School, stormed inside the school with an AR-15 rifle and 600 rounds of rounds, authorities have learned.

Harris killed 10th grade student Alexandria Bell and health teacher Jean Kuczka, 61, before being shot dead by police eight minutes into the rampage.

Kuczka, a 20-year-old veteran educator, was described as a charismatic and kind teacher who was always there for her students, said one of her former students. The Independent. Meanwhile, Alexzandria is remembered as an outgoing 15-year-old with a passion for dancing.

As more details emerge on the build-up to the violence, St Louis Metropolitan Police Lt. Col. Michael Sack unveiled on Wednesday that Harris had a list of targets. It has not been revealed if any of the victims were among the targets.

Authorities also revealed that Harris’ family alerted law enforcement in the past when he purchased a gun, possibly the one used in the attack. The gun was removed from the house following concerns about Harris’ mental health, and it is unclear whether he was able to retrieve it.

Orlando Harris (St Louis Public Schools via KSDK)

Orlando Harris (St Louis Public Schools via KSDK)

Police say this image shows the ammunition found on Orlando Harris (St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department)

Police say this image shows the ammunition found on Orlando Harris (St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department)

Harris left a note in his car with a list of other school shootings in the United States, with the names of the gunmen and the number of people killed, and expressed his desire to be the next name on it. He also had a school map in his car and detailed his attack in advance, authorities said.

The note included details of how Harris obtained the gun used in the attack, revealing he bought it from a private dealer after it was rejected at a gun show in the St. Charles County.

“[The family] knew he had acquired a firearm,” Sack said, adding that Harris’s family were heartbroken and actively cooperating with the investigation. “They worked with our department to transfer this to an adult who could legally own one.”

Authorities sent the serial number of the rifle used on Monday to the ATF to trace the origin of the gun and find out if it was the one removed from Harris’ home.

St Louis School Shooting

St Louis School Shooting

Mr Sack also said Harris’ family often checked his mail and searched his belongings to make sure he was not a threat to himself or others.

“Mental health is a tough thing,” Sack said. “It’s hard to tell when someone is going to be violent and act out, or if they’re just struggling, they’re depressed.”

Four other victims were shot in the attack and a girl broke her ankle after jumping from a third-story window as she tried to escape the violence.

Mr Sack read Harris’ memo at the press conference a day after the Central VPA attack.

” I have no friends. I have no family. I never had a girlfriend. I never had a social life. I’ve been a lonely loner all my life,” Harris wrote.

“It was the perfect storm for a mass shooter.”

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