The Crown decides not to add a “fictitious disclaimer” for season 5

The crown did not include a fictional disclaimer for its new season despite calls from critics.

Netflix’s hit show returned on Wednesday (November 9) for its highly anticipated fifth season, which largely focuses on the breakdown of the marriage between the late Princess Diana and then Prince Charles.

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Despite the controversy, the show’s producers decided not to add a disclaimer reminding viewers that the show is a fictionalized dramatization of real events.

Instead, a warning has been added to the latest trailer for The crown in view of its new season, but not the program itself.

In its trailer, posted on YouTube, Netflix writes: “Based on real events, this fictional dramatization tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign.

The Independent has contacted Netflix for comment.

Stars like Dame Judi Dench have accused the series of “crass sensationalism” in its portrayals of members of the royal family.

The celestial fall star, 87, in a hurry to The crown include a disclaimer in a letter for The temperature, published on October 19.

“No one believes in artistic freedom more than I do, but that can’t go unchallenged,” Dench wrote.

The Cast of 'The Crown' Season 5 (Keith Bernstein)

The Cast of ‘The Crown’ Season 5 (Keith Bernstein)

“Despite this week publicly declaring that The crown has always been a “fictional drama”, the program creators have resisted all calls asking them to carry a disclaimer at the start of each episode.

She added that “now is the time for Netflix to reconsider” following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

The series was also criticized by former Prime Minister Sir John Major, who described the show’s new season’s supposed plots as “nothing but harmful and malicious fiction” and a “barrel of nonsense”.

Other celebrities who said The crown should have a warning include Helena Bonham Carter, who played Princess Margaret on the series, Tory MP Oliver Dowden and TV host Kate Garraway.

In a statement, Netflix said: “The crown has always been presented as a drama based on historical events. The fifth series is a fictional dramatization, imagining what might have happened behind closed doors during an important decade for the royal family – a decade that has already been examined and well documented by journalists, biographers and historians.

The crown season five begins on Netflix on November 9.

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