Top Tips For Soho House Interiors For Less

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(Press images)

Ah… the warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere of Soho House. We’re talking ’70s-inspired interiors with a dash of Art Deco, barely-there sepia lighting, and soft velvet furniture strewn with warm-hued throw pillows. I mean, who doesn’t want their house to have such a vibe?

The good news? If you’re willing to shell out the hard-earned cash, you can afford the exact pieces at Soho Home, the member club’s homeware and upholstery line, which also has brick-and-mortar stores. across London if you’re looking to try before you buy. Otherwise, we’re here with a handy guide on how you can mimic the cool aesthetic for less.

Focus on textures, patterns, and color tones to easily introduce the eclectic yet cohesive look. Look for marble, velvet and bouclé, as well as rich but soft colors like rust, inky blue and olive green, sure ways to bring home the exclusive club. Print, pattern and stripes are your friends, but only when used sparingly – no migraine-inducing spaces to be seen here.

If you’re going as far as paint, you can try Lick Paint’s collaboration with the club, with a range of colors inspired by homes around the world, from soothing neutrals inspired by Soho Farmhouses to velvety tones from Dumbo House in Brooklyn. Otherwise, just take inspiration from the palette when choosing your color palette.

Besides furniture and upholstery, easy ways to inject a dose are glassware, dishes and home fragrance, which can do as much to a room’s aura as a fresh lick of paint. .

So keep scrolling for some Soho House inspiration, on a budget.

Lambert Accent Chair, Royal Blue Recycled Velvet and Dark Stained Oak

With a beautiful depth of color from deep royal blue and dark stained oak tones, the armchair from Cult Furniture will add a touch of Soho House personality to any living room corner, bedroom or even as a dining room chair luxurious. Made from recycled velvet, it’s responsibly made, comfortable and stylish.

Buy Now £249.00, Cult Furniture

Habitat Tempe Table Lamp – Brass

Crafted in a vintage style using brushed brass, the Habitat table lamp will add a vintage touch to any home. Measuring 50cm tall, it’s the perfect size for any bedside table, reading nook or desk. Just be sure to use a low-brightness, warm-toned bulb for the warm Soho House glow.

Buy Now £33.35, Habitat Jack 3 Seater Sofa in Green Velvet

Crafted from comforting olive green velvet, this sofa will bring a touch of casual elegance to any stylish living room. With smooth lines, clever button detailing and tapered legs, it’s both contemporary and timeless – and once you’ve been enveloped in the comfort of velvet, there’s no turning back.

Shop Now £599.00,

Oliver Bonas Scalloped Gold and Glass Hanging Wall Mirror

If you want to bring more light and a feeling of space to a room, this is a mirror you should be looking for – and Oliver Bonas has the style for you. With curved scalloped edges and gold metal detailing, it will add Art Deco flair to any hallway or bathroom.

Buy Now £49.50, Oliver Bonas

Habitat Set of 4 Ribbed Tumbler Glasses

One of the easiest ways to impress your guests with your taste in housewares is to serve them a delicious drink in an even better glass. Perfect for a G&T or simply as water glasses, this tactile set of four ribbed glasses from Habitat does the job perfectly. At £17 that works out to £4.25 a glass – and who’s to say no to that?

Buy Now £17.00, Habitat

Oliver Bonas Issey Navy Velvet Fringed Cushion Cover

Cushions ! The keystone of a cozy living room – especially when covered with luxurious blankets from Oliver Bonas. In a classic navy velor with green tassel detailing, this blanket could have been pulled from Soho House itself. For the cushion itself, you can try Ikea which has a wide range of quality options at a reasonable price.

Buy Now £28.00, Oliver Bonas

Zara Home Glass Serving Plate With Leaves

What’s a dinner party without a little table decoration? Zara’s serving plate with classic vintage decoration is a surefire way to add character to any dining table. Choose red and green tones in your other dinnerware for a cohesive color palette.

Buy Now £15.99, Zara

H&M Rattan Door Wardrobe

Brimming with a contemporary boho vibe, it’s no surprise H&M’s rattan wardrobe is a best-seller. Whether in the hallway, as a bedside table or as a storage space in the living room, simply place a turntable on top to raise the bar of the 70s.

Buy now £229.99, H&M

TK Maxx White Marble Serving Board

Changing your entire kitchen counter to marble is a daunting and expensive task, so why not add a touch with a cutting board instead? The holy grail of homeware bargains, you can now shop TK Maxx’s offer online – but stocks are limited, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone.

Buy Now £12.99, TK Maxx

Rugged Rug Verena Amber Red

Vintage-inspired rugs are a trend that’s been around for a few years now, and it’s one that’s here to stay. Adding heaps of antique charm to any room, Ruggable’s design is water, stain and machine washable, ticking all the boxes related to rugs.

Buy Now £249.00, Rugged

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