Truss’ lack of apology for economic turmoil ‘beyond belief’, says SNP

Liz Truss’ inability to apologize for the economic turmoil that has punctuated her premiership “beyond belief”, the SNP said.

The former prime minister – whose term ended on Tuesday – gave her final speech from Downing Street before handing in her resignation to the king.

She was replaced by Rishi Sunak, whom Ms Truss beat in a Conservative leadership race before taking office in September.

His stint in Number 10 was marred by economic troubles, some of which were caused by political announcements such as unfunded tax cuts.

The Bank of England was forced to step in and buy government bonds to stabilize the economy, while the International Monetary Fund was among voices around the world calling for a rethink.

Ms Truss activated some of the fiscal measures, before sacking then Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and bringing in Jeremy Hunt, who ended the majority of her economic plans.

SNP Westminster deputy leader Kirsten Oswald said: ‘It’s hard to believe Liz Truss couldn’t bring herself to apologize – or utter a single word of regret – for the catastrophic damage she caused to the British economy.

“Families are paying with their teeth for his mistakes as mortgage rates soar, pensions fall, energy bills soar and inflation soars.

“We are now facing devastating austerity cuts under Rishi Sunak – families footing the bill for Tory failure.

“It is clearer than ever that Scotland needs independence to escape the control of Westminster and get rid of Tory governments for good.”

Rishi Sunak waving

The new Prime Minister took office on Tuesday (Victoria Jones/PA)

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party said it was time to ‘put the focus on putting the people first’ as he insisted Mr Sunak was ‘the right man for the job’.

Craig Hoy was speaking ahead of Mr Sunak’s formal appointment on Tuesday.

Mr Hoy told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program that there was ‘no need to rehash what happened in relation to the first leadership election’, and he believes Mr Sunak is “the right choice to be Prime Minister at this stage.”

He said, “I think Rishi Sunak is the right person for the job.

“I think he is the right choice to be Prime Minister at this time. He had a very, very solid record in dealing with the economic crisis that we have been experiencing during the current pandemic.

“He stepped in to protect one in three Scottish jobs. It was a million Scottish jobs. He made sure we saw the economy through this crisis.

Craig Hoy

Craig Hoy says Rishi Sunak is ‘the right man for the job’ (PA)

“Then, as the energy crisis started to take hold around us, he stepped in to provide £1,650 to the most vulnerable households.”

Mr Hoy has been told the Conservative Party has been ‘making us dream’ over the past seven weeks.

He replied: “There is no need to go over what happened in relation to the first leadership election.

“Liz Truss has resigned. She did it quickly. We had a very fast election selection process yesterday, and that now means that from today we can start focusing on putting people first.

“And people’s priority is to make sure we help Scottish households get through the very difficult winter ahead of us, and I’m absolutely sure that’s what Rishi Sunak and his new government and his new cabinet will do. .

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