“We want to bounce back immediately”

After the slap received against Arsenal last week (1-5) during the first day of the group stage of the Women’s Champions League, Eugénie Le Sommer and OL hope to react on the field of Juventus Turin on Thursday.

“In May, you won the Champions League final in Turin. Against Juventus on Thursday, after your heavy defeat against Arsenal (1-5) on the first day, will it be like a final?
It’s a very important game for us. The fact of having lost the first match puts us in a situation where we have no choice, we have to win, take points. But there are still games behind, it’s hard to talk about a final anyway. It’s important, but I wouldn’t call it a final. We remember good memories here, I hope that this stadium will be recognized as bringing us luck.

As an OL executive, how did you react to the slap in the face against Arsenal?
It was difficult for everyone. We were all in the same boat. There was a lot of disappointment, frustration. It was a big defeat, we lived through complicated moments, the evening and the next day. But it’s still just a football match. On a su to remobilize. The situation should not be over-dramatized either. There are five games left, we are a great team. This is the idea and the message to convey to the group. We remained united, united. A result does not call into question everything in the team, we have to get up together.

You have faced Juventus Turin several times in recent seasons. How do you approach this new opposition?
It is the team that we have played the most in recent seasons, we know it well. We prepared for this match as usual, with video, tactics. I won’t tell all the secrets. We want to bounce back right away, win this match. The idea was to restore confidence in the group, to do things that reassured us.

How to explain the offensive difficulties against Arsenal?
We fell against a very good team from Arsenal, we have to put things in context. They are one of the best teams in Europe and play the perfect game against us. We could have created more situations, being fairer in the last thirty meters, making better choices. On saw it on video. There were different possibilities. We can do better. We didn’t have all our offensive weapons, but we had quality too, we were disappointed with that. We could concede fewer goals and score more. It was a complicated match offensively, we didn’t have a lot of clear chances. But in this kind of match, there are not 10,000, you have to know how to seize them.

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You have found a lot of playing time since the start of the season. How do you show up at peak?
I am quite versatile, I am able to play on the whole front of the attack. I have game time at the moment, I try to take advantage of it. I would like to be decisive in every game, but I also want to help the team in the role that I am able to do, not just score goals. I participate in the game, I try to create spaces for my teammates. I have a different profile from that of other players, and that can bring other things to the team. Offensively, we can do better, I can do better. »

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