What the Spice Girls can teach us about midlife beauty — from spray tan to smudged eye

Spice Girls Beauty Looks Fashion Tips Accessories Makeup - Getty

Spice Girls Beauty Looks Fashion Tips Accessories Makeup – Getty

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video of the Spice Girls mini-reunion on Geri’s 50th birthday on Saturday, we couldn’t help but notice how this gang of women from a 40s was fabulous. Victoria, Emma, ​​Geri and Mel C (Mel B was a no-show) bustled on the dance floor with shiny hair and glowing skin. As middle-aged women, it was a world away from the thin brows, garish highlights and glossy eye shadows of the Spice Girl era.

They aren’t the only ones to reach the pinnacle of beauty in their 40s. The power of the midlife beauty pound has never been stronger, with women looking more groomed and glamorous than at any other time in their lives. A recent report by the MullenLowe Group revealed that the UK’s over-55s are rapidly becoming the biggest beauty spenders, holding nearly 70% of UK household wealth.

So what nifty beauty lessons can we glean from perfecting a chic yet glamorous party look? and subtle.

The stained eye

Let’s start with the common makeup denominator between them: perfectly smudged smokey eyes. This is actually one of Victoria Beckham’s tips for her beauty look more than ever. In an interview earlier this year, she told me that simply lining her eyes with a kajal pencil and blending it in provides an easy smokey eye that’s more flattering than a solid, hard line. While brown and bronze tones look eternally flattering, this smudge technique means that even if you’re married to your black eyeliner, it doesn’t overpower the eyes when smudged on.

“A heavy liner can feel too harsh, especially if it’s not balanced with the rest of the makeup,” acknowledges makeup artist Lan Ngugen-Grealis. In contrast, a dark brown or gray kajal blended in from the waterline and lashes, lightly smoky with a soft brush and complementary eyeshadow like a shimmer bronze or similar tone can widen and open the eyes to make them look bigger. “Having the darkest point come from the lashes helps maintain definition and contrast around the eyes,” says Grealis, who uses a soft square brush to blend in the line to maintain control or a cotton swab to soften the edges.

To brighten eyes, Beckham uses a cream-colored highlighting pencil in her eyeliner to “broaden and whiten your eyes as if you’ve had a full night’s rest.” This is followed by a few coats of mascara to look parted and curled rather than too bulky. By using a softer technique around the eyes, Grealis says makeup can detract from fine lines, bring out a clean structure on the eye shape, especially if the eyelids have drooped slightly at this stage, and lashes can take over the front of the eye. the stage to open. the eyes without being too dark.

Spice Girls Fashion 90s Beauty Tips 40s Style - Getty

Spice Girls Fashion 90s Beauty Tips 40s Style – Getty

Likewise, rather than a color block of matte lipstick, Victoria prefers to line her lips with a lip liner, then fill in the center with a nude-pink gloss, “to make my lips look healthy and healthy.” fleshy”. It’s a trick used by all the former Spice Girls this weekend. While a matte lip can often look harsh, especially if the color is nude, a gloss is a great way to add subtle volume to thin lips and can give the impression of a fuller pout, as seen on Mel C.

“Going back to when I was Spice Girl, Posh always wore a really shiny lip gloss with a thick lip liner to make her lips look fuller,” Beckham tells me. “That’s when my love affair with lip gloss began, but I always found it heavy and uncomfortable to wear, and my hair inevitably got caught in it, especially on the back of my face. David’s motorcycle. So it became my mission to create a gorgeous gloss, with a reflective, mirror-like shine, but wearable and not sticky at all. I believe we have understood correctly.

Of course, she’s no stranger to beauty: Beckham’s flattering makeup epitomizes the “soft glam” aesthetic that’s so modern in 2022. The line continues to expand: in its first full year of marketing, her beauty range recorded sales of £7.3 million, proving to be a hit with women of all ages.

Try these…

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Left to right: Satin Kajal Liner in Cocoa £20 by Victoria Beckham Beauty; My Mini Shade & Shadow Brush £12.50 by My Kit Co.; Collagen Lip Bath in Pillow Talk €29 by Charlotte Tilbury

The expensive winter tan

The days of orange tans and overly heavy bronzers are long gone, as seen on the Spice Girls. Of course, they all look lightly tanned using bronzer to add shape and dimension to the face. This is a trick frequently used by makeup artists on mature women.

Spice Girls beauty fashion tips Geri Halliwell - Getty

Spice Girls beauty fashion tips Geri Halliwell – Getty

“A tanned, glowing skin will help diffuse age spots and minimize uneven skin tones,” says Grealis. Emma Bunton in particular has used the bronzer to great effect, on her temples and the tops of the cheekbones, which gives shape to her face. ‘It gives a healthy, youthful glow. Being kissed by the sun often enhances contours and brings out cheekbones more, as it bounces and reflects light so skin always looks healthier and lifted. There’s nothing more refreshing when you’ve had that holiday glow and don’t need to put on so much makeup.

All four now have the “expensive” year-round tan that gently removes any paste in the skin and instead adds warmth and evenness to the skin. Tanning expert Amanda Harrington, who tans the likes of Sienna Miller and Salma Hayak, calls this type of expensive midlife tan the “Parisian” tan. It’s a natural, hydrated color tone that blends evenly with your own skin tone.

Tanned Victoria Beckham

Tanned Victoria Beckham

“The key is to first maintain your skin’s hydration levels and exfoliate regardless of the season,” says Harrington. For the “Parisian” tan, she suggests mixing one or two pumps of a light to medium alcohol-free tanning mousse with a gradual tanning cream. “The two will blend together beautifully and give skin a glow, rather than an obvious tan,” she adds. This midlife tan is a world away from the 90s tan, which was cold, dark, monotonous and uneven.

Tanning expert James Read has noticed that more middle-aged women are asking for a tan than ever before. “The trend now is for skin glow rather than an all-over tan,” he says. “It’s about working with your natural skin tone to enhance it but not overpower it, as the Spice Girls demonstrated over the weekend. This type of tan works with your entire look and makes you look healthy and healthy, rather than having an obvious tan. Read advises tanning the day before a big party, as the glow will be at its peak on the second day, and you can use a blending brush to avoid streaks or harsh lines.

Try these…

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Left to right: H20 Tanning Mousse £30 by James Read; Shape and Glow Big Blending Brush £13.95 by Isle Of Paradise; Gradual summer body tan €6.49 by Garnier

The halo framing the face lights up

Of course, in the ’90s, the Spice Girls all had their hairstyles clearly defined, from Emma’s shiny blonde pigtails to Geri’s two-tone red hair with blonde highlights. Things have certainly changed for singers over the decades. For Emma Bunton, she ditched the shiny Barbie blonde of the 90s for a much softer honey blonde tone, wearing it and tousled rather than overly styled.

Likewise, Victoria’s hair has softened over the years, from her severe ’90s raven bob to high-maintenance highlights during her WAG days. She now usually wears her hair in a longer bob with softer lows. Melanie C has found a style that suits her perfectly, with a rich brunette that compliments her complexion beautifully; a tone that also closely resembles Geri’s creamy brunette.

Melanie C Spice Girls 90s style beauty fashion - Getty

Melanie C Spice Girls 90s style beauty fashion – Getty

There’s one thing they all have in common now: flattering highlights to frame the face, a trick used by colorists to enhance hair. and complexion. “Halo lights or angel hair lights are something hairstylists have been doing forever,” lead colorist Josh Wood tells me. “In fact, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, actresses used this method to create a spotlight around their face, with similar results to a ring light.

“Face-framing is a slightly bolder way to always ensure that the hairline is a shade lighter than the rest of the hair,” he explains, referring to the common look between the Spice Girls now, and can be used on blondes, brunettes and redheads alike. “It immediately softens the hairline, which is more flattering to skin tone. The more extreme lightness you make of the hairline against the body of the hair color, the more striking the impact will be,” he adds.

For mature hair, the techniques used can also help conceal the appearance of thinning hair, if you don’t want to add extensions for extra thickness. “If your hair is getting thinner, you don’t want a hard line between skin tone and hair color, so breaking it up a bit with a lighter color in the front of the face can really soften the overall look” , explains Josh. This can be done with traditional highlights or a balayage, where the color is painted onto individual strands of the hair. Pair it with a lightly cropped wave, like the four Spice Girls did.

Try these…

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Spice Girls beauty look fashion makeup tips

Left to right: Miracle Mask £19 by Josh Wood; 9000 Cordless Curling Clip £120 by Babyliss; Dry volume and texture spray £13 by Living Proof

Do you use any of these products? What other products would you recommend? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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