Where is “The Crown” filmed?

Diana, Harry, William and Charles in The Crown S5.  (Netflix)

Diana, Harry, William and Charles in The crown S5. (Netflix)

The crown is back, and so are its stunning filming locations.

The fifth season of the royal drama hits Netflix on Wednesday, November 9, featuring the show’s extravagant interiors and majestic exteriors.

On some smaller shows, the backdrop is mere furniture, but the opulence on display in The Crown is one of the reasons it’s been such a hit.

This fifth and penultimate season marks the show’s second full-scale casting swap, with Imelda Staunton stepping into the role of Queen in place of Olivia Colman, who herself replaced Claire Foy.

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Jonathan Pryce plays Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, while Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki play Charles (then prince, not yet king) and Diana as the series reaches the 1990s, one of the most turbulent times in the history of the royal family.

This season is the first to air since the deaths of the Queen and Prince Philip, bringing an added sense of emotion to viewers.

That of the Crown locations, some established in previous seasons and some new, will once again delight audiences.

So where are the filming locations of The crown?

Sant Elm, Majorca


Dominic West, left, as Charles and Elizabeth Debicki, second from right, as Diana in season 5 of The Crown. (Netflix)

Debicki and West were spotted filming scenes in a speedboat in the town of Sant Elm (San Telmo in Spanish) in the Andratx region of Mallorca.

They are believed to have been recreating a vacation Charles and Diana took with their children, William and Harry, during a difficult time in their marriage in the early 1990s, a trip the press dubbed a “second honeymoon”.

Lossiemouth and Macduff

In August 2021, Staunton was seen filming at Covesea Lighthouse near Lossiemouth in northern Scotland, alongside actress Claudia Harrison, who plays Princess Anne.

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Filming also reportedly took place in Macduff in Scotland the same month, where Staunton was photographed on a boat designed to look like a royal barge.

Hedsor House


Jonny Lee Miller plays former Prime Minister John Major. (Netflix)

This Buckinghamshire mansion is That of the Crown Downing Street, and returns in Season 5, with Jonny Lee Miller’s John Major, Prime Minister-in-Office, succeeding Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher.

House Ardverikie

This estate in the Scottish Highlands is no stranger to a film crew, having featured in the BBC series Glen Monarchmovies Ms Brown, Salmon fishing in Yemen and the drama Foreign.

It was a filming location for The crown since its first season and replaces Balmoral, the Queen’s summer residence, and where she died in September.

Debicki was spotted there while filming That of the Crown fifth season. William and Harry were at Balmoral with their father in 1997 when they heard the news of their mother’s death.

Burghley House


The Windsor Castle fire features in Season 5. (Netflix)

A key location in season 5, this house in Stamford, Lincolnshire, is used to represent Windsor Castle, which was struck by fire in 1992, the Queen’s infamous “annus horribilis”.

The fire will play a major role in the show’s fifth season, with Netflix releasing photos of Staunton’s Queen taking the damage.

Burghley has also been used in films The “Da Vinci Code”, Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

It’s not the first place to feature Windsor Castle in The crown. For the first three seasons, Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire was used.

London Colosseum

Staunton and Pryce were spotted filming at the famous West End theater in February this year. The Colosseum is believed to replace the Dominion Theatre, which hosted the 1995 Royal Variety Performance attended by the Queen.



Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in The Crown. (Netflix)

It might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of The crownbut the town of Croydon, south of London, appears in season 5.

Scenes involving Debicki were filmed there in January, while she was also seen at the Fairfield Halls concert venue shortly before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.

Fairfield Halls was also a filming location for movies Made in Dagenham and Cuban Fury.


The Crown S5 (Netflix)

Dominic West as Charles in The crown S5. (Netflix)

Charles will be seen visiting the Prince’s Trust events in Season 5 which were filmed on the Brandon Estate in Southwark, south London.

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Film crews traveled to the Jack Hobbs Community Center and the Rachel Leigh Community Hall. West portrayed Charles meeting local teenagers at Maddock Way.

Lancaster House

That of the Crown Buckingham Palace since the show began, Lancaster House at St James’s in London returns in season five, its marvelous gold and red staircase one of the stars of the show.

It is however not the first time that he has doubled the famous royal residence, having appeared in the films The young Victoria, The King’s Speech and King Ralph.

The crown S5 will launch on Netflix from November 9.

Watch the official trailer for Season 5 of ‘The Crown’

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