Where to buy Freddie’s Farm fruit shapes, bean snacks, camel milk and more

It was a wholesome and wholesome week, so expect high protein, low sugar and salt (The Independent)

It was a wholesome and wholesome week, so expect high protein, low sugar and salt (The Independent)

After feasting on pastries and cakes on last week’s episode of Aldi’s next big thing, it looks like the retailer was looking for something a little less sweet this time around. That’s right, healthy food and drink was the subject of the new Channel 4 show tonight.

This week, six small UK vendors took to Aldi’s tasting room to offer healthy snacks low in sugar, salt, fat and added protein and vitamins, in the hope of winning a place on the shelves of Aldi. They didn’t just have to be well, they also had to taste good.

Aldi’s managing director for Julie Ashfield’s purchase, along with presenters Anita Rani and Chris Bavin, served everything from camel milk, kombucha and roasted kimchi for dinner to protein-rich fava beans and snacks to fruits for children, but only one producer could win the contract with the cheap supermarket chain.

What sets Aldi’s next big thing Along with other TV commercial contests, viewers can go out and buy the winning product at their local Aldi store the very next morning. So far, we’ve seen the cheap supermarket chain offer Jamaican Rum Cake and Chicken Curry Pie.

If this week’s episode got your taste buds buzzing, we’ve rounded up where exactly you can buy all the products seen on tonight’s episode, including the winning healthy snack. As always, spoilers ahead, so look away if you haven’t finished watching the episode.

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Freddie’s Farm fruit shapes, five-pack: £2.29, Aldi.co.uk – available in stores from November 4

    (Freddie's Farm)

(Freddie’s Farm)

The theme of this week’s episode was wholesome and wholesome, and you couldn’t get healthier than Freddie’s Farm range of dried fruit forms, which won over Julie Ashfield enough to earn a spot on Aldi’s shelves. Freddie’s Farm fruit forms contain less free sugars; vegetables added and delivered in paper wrappers, so it’s completely plastic free.

The snack comes in apple, blueberry or raspberry flavours, and Aldi sells a pack of five 20g paper sachets for £2.29. You can also purchase a mixed bag of 12 fruit shapes or a mixed bag of 30 fruit shapes directly from Freddie’s Farm.

Honest Bean Co bean snacks: Honestbean.co.uk

    (The Honest Bean Co)

(The Honest Bean Co)

Julie dubbed The Honest Bean Co’s roasted bean snack a supermarket-ready product, praising the flavor, design and packaging. But despite founders Zoe and Adam and sales manager Tom working to increase the salt content in the company’s lightly salted line, it wasn’t for the high-protein superfood. Luckily, you can still buy Honest’s beans elsewhere.

The Honest Bean Co sells its bean snack packets at Holland & Barrett, Ocado and on the company’s website. There are four different flavors – lightly salted; sea ​​salt and cider vinegar; chilli and lemon, and barbecue. A 300g sharing bag costs £3.50 at Ocado, while a 40g bag costs £1 at Holland & Barrett. Mixed bags are also available. You can buy 12 packs for £10 or 24 packs for £20.

Daisy’s Dromedairy camel milk: Jacamels.co.uk

    (Daisy's camel)

(Daisy’s camel)

One of the most intriguing products on offer this week was camel milk from Daisy’s Dromedairy. Said to be rich in vitamin C and good for your skin, as well as being lactose intolerant friendly, it surprised Ashfield a bit, with a slightly different taste to cow’s milk, but not in an edgy way, as she l ‘said. Unfortunately, it might have been a bit too difficult for the dairy farmers to increase production with their five dairy camels.

If you want to try you’ll have to go to the company’s farm in Warwickshire as you can’t buy it online, but the website says the company delivers if you enquire. Daisy’s raw camel milk costs £20 a liter but you can also buy a 500ml bottle for £10 or a 250ml bottle for £5. It comes fresh or frozen. Not anywhere near Warwickshire? Asda sells shelf stable camel milk from another brand (£3.50, Asda.co.uk) but we cannot guarantee the quality of this.

Visit Daisy’s camel

    (The fermentation station)

(The fermentation station)

Ashfield and Rani loved the taste of The Fermentation Station’s variation of kimchi, describing it as a nice, light meal — so delicious it made Rani’s mouth water. The only problem? The potential size of the market and whether Aldi customers would buy it. Luckily, even though it didn’t win, The Fermentation Station sells its products through its own website, so you can have it delivered to your doorstep.

The Dinner Roast kimchi seen on the show is filled with seasonal vegetables you’ll find in a Dinner Roast, combined with a Wasabi kick. The website states that this kimchi “mimics those comforting flavors of sweet, nutty root vegetables with the warmth of a side of horseradish on your roasted plate.” A 275g jar costs £5.75 and a 450g jar costs £7.75. The company also sells other fermented products, including sauerkraut and tepache.

Buy Now From Fermentation Station

Calyx Drinks Nigerian zobo soft drink : Calyxdrinks.co.uk

    (Chalice Drinks)

(Chalice Drinks)

It was a professional and premium-looking product, with founder Raphael offering a good story behind his Nigerian soft drink company, but Ashfield felt it lacked a bit of sweetness for what someone might ask. wait while drinking it.

If you want to try Calyx Drinks’ zobo for yourself, you can find it on the company’s website. The authentic West African fruit and flower recipe is prepared using traditional methods, blending white grapes with hibiscus flower and four natural spices. The company also sells other organic flower drinks on its website.

Buy now at Calyx Drinks

    (naturally powered)

(naturally powered)

Federico’s kombucha really impressed the panel, with Bavin commenting on the lovely citrus flavor in the orange bottle, but it ultimately wasn’t for the Swansea-based entrepreneur’s fermented green tea drinks. However, that does not prevent you from tasting it yourself. NaturAlly Fed sells its raw, unpasteurized kombucha on its website.

It comes in original Cherry, Green Apple, Orange, Ginger, Lemon, Blackberry and Violet flavors, with a case of six small bottles starting at £17.50 and 12 large bottles costing £83.99.

Buy now at NaturAlly Fed

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